Please Note: Adding pricing to products on SpecifiedBy is completely optional.

Pricing is a really (perhaps surprisingly) important factor for specifiers in their research process.

Our research shows ‘Having to request prices / quotes’ falls within architects and specifiers' top three frustrations, it is listed as their most time consuming task in the product research process, and it came second in a list of factors which impact their decision making process.

In fact, the companies who add pricing to their listings on SpecifiedBy, on average, see a 25x increase in conversion rate from product view to lead.

But for many building product companies, publicly sharing pricing is not possible, or uncomfortable.

So we've created a way to add pricing to your products, which helps specifiers to get the information they need quickly and for you to still capture their details.

For more insights into the value of adding pricing, see our article here.

Add Pricing to Your Products

You can add pricing to your products when adding a new or editing an existing product.

This is done in Step 2 of this process.

When adding a new product, the pricing field will appear at the top automatically.





If you're editing a product, you will have to add a new property row, and select the relevant cost property:




When entering a price for your product, you have several options to choose from:

Simply select the one that is best suited to your product.

Finally, when inputting the value for your product price, you have two options:

  • A fixed, single price
  • A price range (if you want to leave a bit of room negotiation based on quantities)

To enter a fixed, single price, simply type a single numeric input, like 100 or 5000

To enter a range, type in two numeric values, separated by a hyphen (-), like 100-200 or 5000-6500.

Once you've added your product price, and all of your other properties, simply press the 'Done.Proceed to the next step.' button to save.

How Pricing Is Accessed by Specifiers

Before deciding to add pricing to your products, it's worth noting how pricing is accessed by architects and specifiers.

When a price is added to a product listing, the 'Request a Quote' function on your product page is replaced with an 'Instant Pricing' button.


This obscures the price, but informs architects and specifiers that they do not need to go through the usual back and forth of emails and phone calls in order to get a price for a product.

Registered users on SpecifiedBy can simply click the instant price button and see the price indication for that product


So only by actively expressing their interest in your product, by clicking the 'Instant Pricing' button, can an architect or specifier view your product pricing.

(We also prompt them to follow through with a direct message if they have any further questions).

All of this means that we are still able to pass you an 'enquiry' on behalf of the specifier, informing you that they have requested the price for a product and have been provided your listed price per unit, per m2, per pack etc.

And as we already have their name, company, role and email address as part of registering to SpecifiedBy, we remove the necessary back and forth to establish who they are.

For unregistered users on SpecifiedBy (architects and specifiers who have not provided their name, company, role and email address), we require them to provide the same details as a registered user in order to access your pricing.

So either way, we capture who they are and provide you with their details and the 'enquiry'.