NOTE: Our chat feature does not require you to monitor the account live, all chat messages are sent to your messaging in SpecifiedBy and directly to your email inbox.

When active, the chat feature will appear when architects and specifiers are browsing product pages, the company profile, downloading product files, comparing products and copying specifications.

Chat users will generate leads when they interact with the feature, showing that the user has sent a message, or that they have browsed your profile/product page, compared products, downloaded files or copied specifications.

Messages received through Chat will land in your Messages folder and a copy will be sent to your designated email - you can reply directly from your email inbox and copies will be kept in SpecifiedBy


To respond, the architect or specifier simply clicks the company image or message text, and can reply, ask questions and add attachments.

The message which appears from you, can be edited and customised with different variables, as covered in the set up instructions below:


Activating & Configuring Your Chat Feature

Click on ‘Notification Settings’ in the dashboard.


Scroll down to ‘Chat Feature’, where the function can be switched on/off by selecting the buttons.

To personalise who your chat messages will come from, you can insert a name and profile picture. This isn’t mandatory and can be left blank, but we would recommend adding a friendly face for better engagement :)

If these fields are left blank, SpecifiedBy will use the account manager’s name and the company logo as the contact name and image.

There are 5 'Triggers' for a chat message to appear, as outlined in the settings.

For each trigger, there is a message template which can be edited to match your own preferences as required.

Templates also make use dynamic variables, in order to personalise the messages. These include; [User name] for the specifiers name, [Your name] to use the Contact Name provided, [Product name] to reference the product they are engaging with, and [Company name] for your Company name.

If you change any settings, remember to save your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking ‘Save Settings’.


(Note: Chat sounds from Notification Sounds)