Each user on SpecifiedBy has their own profile. Much like other websites you may have used, your SpecifiedBy profile allows for a picture and personal information about yourself - such as the company you work for.

Below we will show you an example of an individual setting up their profile on SpecifiedBy.

First you will need to click on the settings icon on the top right-hand side of the webpage - as shown below.

To reach your profile settings scroll down - as shown below.

You will be presented with the following options within your profile settings.

  • Role
  • Username
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Linkedin
  • Skills & Expertise
  • Location
  • Profile Picture

To add any of this information to your profile, simply type in what you would like to display and click save at the bottom right of the page. An example we have created of a user completing their profile is shown below.