So for example, if you are listing a brick that comes in two different colours, say red and green, one option is to list each colour as a “ variant”, under the main brick listing. You could list a Green option and a Red option under the one brick product page.

However you may prefer to have two separate listings instead, one for a Red Brick and one for a Green Brick. Here, the process of duplicating will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to replicating the product. 

How to Duplicate a Product

On the main menu, if you click on Manage Products, and then click on the three Grey Dots, on the Product that you wish to duplicate ,see below :

Then if you click on " Duplicate"  , you will see a Dialogue box like below : 


As you can see above, the system has carried over the full listing for the product you are duplicating, including Product Name, Description, Images, Files and Properties.

Now you can make any changes that are necessary, to distinguish this duplicated version from the original it is being copied from. You can adjust the Name and/ or Description, choose which Images you wish to carry over, as well as which Properties and Files.

When you are finished with your selections, if you then click on the button below, and your product will become fully duplicated alongside the original listing: