SpecifiedBy includes a built-in messaging system for contacting and responding to architects and specifiers.

NOTE: All messages sent and received are also delivered by email and can be replied to directly via those emails. All conversations are tracked and stored in SpecifiedBy either way.

You can access messages in two ways:

  • Via the main messaging panel
  • Or through individual leads

Messaging Panel

The messaging panel is activated by clicking on the little 'message' icon in the top right of your dashboard:

This will reveal the messaging panel, sliding in from the right-hand side of the page:

From here you can see all active conversations and received messages from specifiers.

This includes some information about each specifier, and the full conversation can be loaded by clicking on the conversation.

(Messages which include a request for a quote are tagged with the blue 'Quote' symbol.)

From here, you can view the conversation to date and send new messages to the specifier.

Lead Messages

The other route to messages is directly through the individual leads (more on leads and lead timelines here).

When you click on a lead profile and open the lead timeline, you can open the same messaging interface as above, again by clicking the little 'messaging' icon, this time within the lead timeline.

NOTE: This is only possible for leads with a lead score of over 3 - ie. they've reached a certain level of engagement with your products.

If a lead is below this score, you will not be able to trigger the messaging feature, and will see the following message: