In order to ensure all product listings on SpecifiedBy are of a high quality, which in turn ensures that your products are well received by specifiers, we developed the SpecifiedBy Quality Score (QS).

NOTE: QS is also a key consideration in how we rank products on SpecifiedBy, in search results or on category pages for example. Products with a higher QS will, all else being equal, rank higher than products with a low QS. So there is much to be gained by investing some time into this.

This is an algorithmic scoring system which takes into consideration the following 5 key elements of a product listing:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Images
  • Product Specification Properties
  • Product Files for Download

Each product is scored between 1 and 100 (1 being bad, 100 being good). As an indicator, the range of scores roughly break down as follows:

Score Range Break Down

Under 40 = BAD

40 and over, but under 75 = OK

75 and over = GOOD

For details and guidance on exactly what we are looking for in each of these 5 areas, please see our Guide to Quality Product Listings.

Once you’ve added a product(s) to SpecifiedBy, you will see a QS indicator bar on each product in the ‘Manage Products’ sections:

This is your QS for that individual product. Clicking on the indicator bar will open up a modal with suggestions and recommendations on how to increase your QS for that product.

These suggestions should be considered alongside the Guide to Quality Product Listings on SpecifiedBy.

By following these simple instructions, you can easily get your product listings performing to their full potential.

Overall Quality Score

As well as a QS for each individual product on SpecifiedBy, you are given an Average Quality Score, which, as the name suggests, is the average score for all of your products.

This is displayed in the top right of your ‘Manage Products’ section.

Again, your Average Quality Score impacts your rankings on SpecifiedBy, and the prominence of your company profile.

If you achieve an Average Quality Score of over 75 you can share the achievement and benefit from a third party endorsement, by adding a ‘Recommended on SpecifiedBy’ badge to your website, linking back to your profile.


You can access the snippet of code required to add the badge to your website by clicking on ‘Claim your badge’ link under the Average Quality Score.

For advice on how to install this code, see this guide on Adding a ‘Recommended on SpecifiedBy’ badge to your website.