Publishing a CPD



Our CPD (Continued Professional Development) publishing feature allows our customers to promote CPD content to our audience of Architects and specifiers, and for them to easily send through a booking request.

Most importantly, SpecifiedBy will work in the background to promote your CPD’s to the most relevant people at the perfect time (more on this below).

Publishing a CPD

Go to the CPD’s section of your dashboard ( and click the green ‘Create New CPD’ button.


Here you will see a simple form with all the details to add for your CPD content:

This page will also allow you to select the type of CPD you want to create:

On Request Session-  Allows specifiers to fill in a booking form to request a session. For this type of CPD, you will cater to the date and time of their choosing.

Events and Webinars-  Provides specifiers with a link to register for your event. For this type of CPD, you choose the date and time of the event.

Watch On Demand- Prerecorded video content for  specifiers to access.


Image - You can add an image to highlight and promote the content of your CPD. Alternatively, if you leave this blank, we will use your company logo.

Title - This is the Name of the CPD session you are publishing

Certification - If your CPD is certified by any of the relevant CPD certification bodies, please pick this here and we automatically add the certification logo.

Description - Provide a short, interesting description of your what your CPD covers.

Display Reviews - Choose whether you wish to display your company Review score on your CPD content. If you have a good rating, this will help generate interest.

Relevant Categories - Pick which categories your CPD is relevant to (Note: the options here will be limited to the categories you have products listed in)

Finally, once you are happy with everything, hit Publish and you'll end up with something that looks like this:

CPD Promotion

Your CPDs are promoted in several ways throughout SpecifiedBy.

CPD Content Feed - All CPD content is collated into a single place for specifiers to browse -

Category Pages - We actively surface your CPDs to Architects and specifiers who are browsing and showing an interest in relevant, related product categories.

Discovery Page - When each specifier logs into SpecifiedBy, they land on their 'Discovery' page, which recommends relevant content to them based on their browsing history - including your CPDs

Email - Every month, we send all of our users an email with recommended CPD content, again based on their browsing history and interests, which means your CPDs get delivered right to the inboxes of highly targeted individuals

CPD Bookings

When an Architect or specifier is interested in your CPD content, they can very simply send through a request to book a session,

We collect the following details, all of which is passed onto you by email:

If you would like your CPD requests to be delivered to a specific person or email address, you can set this up in your settings.