Specifier Activity

The specifier Activity section provides you with insights into how much interest there is in the product categories in which you operate, and provides details of specifiers who have not yet engaged with your products, but who are actively researching products similar to yours and/or browsing categories your products appear in.

Activity is split into to two sections – Trends and Actions.

The Trends graph shows the combined search interest and activity (or demand, if you like) for products which match the categories you operate within (over a period of 3 months).

Activity - trends

The 0 – 100 score represents this relative to the highest point on the chart. So a value of 100 is the peak popularity for that time period. A value of 50 means that interest is half of the peak at that point, and so on.


The Actions section provides an ongoing feed which details the actions of individual architects and specifiers, who have been researching similar products to yours, such as your competitors products, and have not yet discovered your products.

Activity - actions

This information is intended to help inform you sales and marketing efforts by providing you with valuable insights into opportunities within the market.

These are individuals, representing practices and companies with active projects, who are actively searching for product solutions – insight you would otherwise not have access to.

Updated on November 1, 2019

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